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Electronic Security

Riddor Safety International offers a wide range of cutting-edge electronic security products to reinforce security for companies in the East & central Africa.

We create an effective first line of high-tech defense against unauthorized access and intrusion, by adapting tailor-designed Electronic Security Solutions for each client, using the most suitable state-of-the-art technologies and electronic security solutions, such as CCTV surveillance systems, security alarm systems, access control systems and DVR/NVR systems.

Our expert consultants help customers design security systems following thorough risk assessment. Attentive after-sale service is offered to ensure customers enjoy maximum benefits and the best performance from the Electronic Security systems. Our wide range of product and service packages offers superior flexibility to cater to different budgets.

Riddor Defense Max pro Electronic Security products and services include:

  • Security Alarm Systems to provide early warning of unlawful entry,
  • Access Control Systems using smart card, biometric and computer-controlled technologies to control access in and out of sensitive areas,
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems integrated with DVR/NVR Systems to deliver simple monitoring solutions to full-feature commercial CCTV systems,
  • Integrated Security Systems combining alarm systems, access control and monitoring systems to provide all-round customized security control,
  • Security Products & Electronic Product Sales of global safety products,
  • Service & Maintenance to ensure all customers’ systems are running at optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

Cyber Security Solutions

Riddor Defense Max Pro adopts Cyber Security Solutions to help companies keep track of the latest potential threats to their businesses in the cyber world, with no requirements for additional installations or deployment.

Riddor Defense Max Pro Cyber Security Solutions offer the following functions:

  • Cyber Threat intelligence – keep track of a wide range of source origins to identify the latest online channels or tools and the threats they may pose to the cyber security of a company; tailored reports of specific external threats related to a company is provided,
  • Risk indicator – using sophisticated algorithms and statistics, quantifiable risk indicators showing graphical comparison reports for a specified duration,
  • Technical hotline – detail technical reference provided as an immediate means to address cyber security concerns.

Retail Analytics Solutions

Riddor Defense Max Pro Retail Analytics Solution applies the latest security technologies to not only upgrade security services but also serve business or operational functions to help East & Central Africa retailers enhance operational efficiency and optimize business performance.

Integrating Retail Analytics Software with in-store CCTV system will empower businesses to understand their customers’ consumption habits and preferences, so store owners can devise effective strategies catering to the customers’ specific needs.

Images captured by In-store CCTV systems can be translated into useful data to help understand customer behavior and preferences, such as which section of the store they head to first, which products and locations on display shelves appeal to them, and which part of the day or the week are the busiest shopping hours. By collecting data from video images, we help retailers sell more and save more.

The Retail Analytics Solution of Riddor Safety International serves the following functions:

  • People Counting: Gauge the number of customers in store in different times of the day or different days of the week,
  • Heat Map: Identify which areas of the store attract the highest number of customers or keep customers linger for longer,
  • Path map: Map out the directions and pathways that consumers tend to take inside a store,
  • Multi-store comparison: Compare people count, heat map, path map and other functions in different stores, which help chain store management devise effective product display or in-store promotion strategies across different store.

Clients can access cloud-based user-friendly customized analytics reports, complete with visual insights for easy understanding, via mobile and smart devices anytime anywhere.

Riddor Defense Max Pro aims to extend the functionalities of Retail Analytics technology to empower businesses to leverage their security setup for commercial functions.