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Riddor Direct Health Care

Protecting people is our mission. At Riddor reliable and holistic protection is therefore essential. Discover Riddor’s personal protective equipment specially designed for the health care sector.

Our Riddor’s PPE product system for the healthcare sector

Relief through innovation!

The challenges in the health care industry are many and varied: in addition to the potential hazards in the workplace, employees in the health care sector also have to cope with physical and mental stress. To provide optimal protection for your employees and significantly improve their well-being in the workplace, Riddor offers the "Riddor health care" product system: innovative and ergonomic products specially designed for the health care industry. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the development and production of occupational health and safety products, we can offer a wide range of product- and system-based solutions - for maximum protection, first-class wearing comfort and industry-appropriate functionality.

Our "health care" product system is subdivided into the "pharma & biotech" and "health care services" sectors and is therefore directly tailored to the requirements of pharmaceuticals research and production, as well as for hospitals, care facilities and medical practices. We offer a wide range of personal protection products, spanning from head to toe.

Protecting People

Our mission 'protecting people' also includes providing holistic protection to people in the health sector, where we support them in their everyday work — with the highest levels of quality, technology and wearer comfort. Our PPE products in the "health care services" category are designed for employees in hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and other healthcare facilities, and are optimized solutions that provide the best possible protection for everyday activities. The possible field of application and our large portfolio for the area of "health care services" at a




The "Riddor Direct health care" PPE product system is developed for the following industries:



Protecting people is our mission

Our team at Riddor Direct Health Care safety knows that when it comes to quality in the health care sector, there's no room for compromise. As a global PPE supplier with regional subsidiaries, we can guarantee you high-quality products that are produced in accordance with sustainability principles.

Maximum Protection with Maximum Comfort

Riddor’s PPE products guarantee the highest levels of safety and comfort. Continual innovations, well thought-out functions and the Riddor mission of 'protecting people' allow us to develop safe, sustainable and ergonomic products.

PPE: from Head to Toe

As a system provider, Riddor has a wide product range in the area of personal protective equipment at your disposal. Our portfolio offers solutions from head to toe — from safety spectacles and masks, through to safety gloves, protective clothing, all the way down to safety footwear. Whether you require a standard product or a customized solution, Riddor offers a wide range of options.

Riddor’s PPE is protection you can rely on

In the health care industry, employees face several challenges in the workplace, including:

  • Chemical hazards (toxic, corrosive, and flammable chemicals)
  • Biological hazards (e.g. viruses and micro-organisms)
  • Eye and skin hazards due to caustic and irritant substances
  • Optical risks (UV, laser, IR)
  • Noise from equipment and installations
  • Mechanical hazards from equipment and installations
  • Slips, trips and falls from spilled liquids and congested work areas
  • Strains on the musculoskeletal system due to repetitive motions, awkward positions and constant standing
  • Mental stress due to repetitive activities, time pressure and high demands on concentration

Minimize the frequency of accidents at work and at the same time increase the well-being of your employees in the workplace with the Riddor "health care" product system. Riddor impresses with maximum protection, first-class wearing comfort and industry-appropriate functionality.