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Riddor Safety Emergency Response Services includes the development of plans, delivery of training and plan management. Our emergency response services allow your company to put an emergency response plan in place to ensure the safety and health of your staff during critical emergency operations. Let us put our expertise to work on your behalf. We develop plans for natural disasters, fire, medical, rescue, oil spills, hazmat and more

Professional services

  • CIH support, consulting, oversight and data management
  • CSP support, consulting, oversight and data management
  • Project management and command center
  • Safety specialist
  • Medical management
  • Safety training

Environmental services

  • Trained technicians
  • IH technicians
  • HAZWOPER trained technicians
  • Offshore water survival trained technicians

Communications support

  • Satellite communications
  • Handheld radio support

Air monitoring

  • Data management
  • VOC detection
  • Largest fleet of environmental surveillance instruments

Respiratory protection

  • Largest fleet of respiratory protection equipment and supplied air equipment
  • Breathing air compressors
  • Cartridge respirators

Safety supplies

  • PPE distribution and procurement management
  • Emergency response equipment supply
  • Navigation lights

High-Angle Rescue Training: Is Your Team Prepared to Rescue an Injured or Incapacitated Worker from a Fall Arrest System?

Having a fall arrest system is half the equation. What if you had an injured employee in a high angle predicament? Would your team be able to conduct a safe and timely rescue or an injured or incapacitated worker? This hands-on course ensures that everyone on your team is prepared for rescuing a suspended worker from a fall protection system, rescues from above or elevated work areas, and other special applications where removal of a person may be required including trenches or excavations, and confined spaces.

Industrial Rescue Services

Riddor Safety keeps your employees safe by offering industrial rescue services that emphasize crisis avoidance and emergency training and are tailored to your company’s specific needs. We also offer trained rescue personnel to advise you on all aspects of crisis avoidance and management.

Our industrial rescue services include:

  • Emergency rescue teams
  • Trained rescue personnel
  • Rescue team training
  • Land-based and offshore
  • Standby rescue
  • High angle rescue
  • Confined space entry
  • Safety and rescue equipment rental

Riddor Safety offers industrial rescue programs for a broad spectrum of safety-related incidents like fall protectionH2S protectionfire protection and more. Every rescue program can include site-specific contingency plans, industrial safety equipment rentals and sales, respiratory PFT and fit testing, and trained technicians.

On-Site Confined Space Rescue Training: How to Safely Rescue Workers in Confined Spaces

This comprehensive hand-on rescue course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to identify hazards associated with confined spaces in the industrial setting. Students will learn how to recognize, evaluate and develop a rescue plan when responding to confined space rescues. The hands-on course will help potential rescuers understand applicable standards that impact rescue operations, the physical and atmospheric hazards that may exist in a confined space, and appropriate emergency protocols including how to evaluate a rescue situation. Hands-on instruction will include hardware, harnesses, tripods, davit arms, a complete overview of ropes and knots, and confined space equipment including gas detection and air monitoring, ventilation equipment, and personal protective equipment. Students will also learn patient care and packaging as well as participate in rescue exercises.

On-Site Rescue Services: Expertise and Services to the Rescue

Only Riddor Safety has the people, programs and processes to equip your organization with the industry’s best rescue and emergency training services to keep your workers safe. No matter where you are in the world, onshore or offshore, our experts deliver the rescue services you need to be prepared in an emergency.

With Riddor Safety’s rescue services, you can:

  • Protect your workers in emergency situations
  • Be prepared for necessary land-based and offshore rescue operations
  • Reduce liability and increase productivity
  • Ensure compliance with industrial emergency rescue operations

Riddor Safety’s highly skilled rescue personnel provide services tailored to your unique needs, whether your operation is onshore or off. We can provide your site with qualified on site Rescue/Standby teams.

  • High angle rescue/above ground activities
  • Confined space rescue
  • Fall protection rescue
  • Remote locations
  • Difficult work locations