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Emergency exit lighting equipment is designed to provide illumination to designated entry and exit points and a safe environment during fire and power outages. Exit lights and emergency lighting equipment are designed to provide illumination and a safe environment during fire and power outages for a minimum of 30 minutes. Riddor Fire Department provides installation, testing, repair maintenance and troubleshooting on all types of lighting units to ensure that your emergency lighting system performs properly and that the power supply is adequate and up to date.

Exit Emergency Light Unit Installation
Before installation, we take into consideration the best emergency lighting design for your building as recommended by our in house engineer. This involves determining the lighting options and levels that is suited for your needs and following the FIRE Building and fire safety code requirements. We install systems in new and existing properties, along with integrating into your building’s entire fire and life safety system. We ensure that your emergency lighting system performs properly and that the power supply in place is adequate.

Exit Emergency Lighting Inspections
Riddor provides monthly and annual emergency and exit lighting testing on all units to ensure your system is fully operational during an emergency. We conduct testing by simulating a power failure by turning off the main power. The test includes a 30 second monthly test of each unit and a minimum 30 minute annual test while operating off emergency backup power. Upon completion, we provide an inspection report which outlines the performance of your system with any coinciding deficiencies.

Exit Emergency Lighting Unit Repair & Maintenance
In case of equipment damage, we provide replacement batteries,bulbs, chargers, and fuses to keep your emergency lighting units functioning properly. Riddor also provides high quality, brand-new exit and emergency lights prepared and in-stock when needed. Upon request, we provide quotes for any necessary parts which need to be replaced according to the National Fire Code, once our inspections and tests are completed.

All of Riddor fire Department emergency lighting units are UL Listed and approved for use . Our goal is to provide you with the technical inspections needed to keep your property, equipment, products, personnel, and customers safe.

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Supplies and preventative maintenance (testing to you and me) of your Smoke Vents.
Smoke vents in a building can be crucial to the safety of the people in it. In the event of a fire the smoke vents allow smoke to escape the building, increasing survival rates. Some 50-80% of all ‘fire deaths’ are the result of smoke inhalation injuries, so the proper maintenance of your smoke vents is critical.
Smoke vent testing should be carried out according to BS9999 2008 clause V.6.1 which details the requirement for maintenance of smoke ventilation systems.
We can help with your annual smoke vent testing by implementing an attendance schedule to test your equipment correctly and ensure your premises remains compliant.
Any testing carried out, either by you or your nominated third-party organisations should be recorded in your fire equipment log book. This log book should be kept in a safe and readily available location in case visiting emergency services need to reference it.